Covid-19 Parent Resource Guide

woman sitting with girl on laptop
Coronavirus Info for Kids

Tips and tools for explaining the coronavirus and current pandemic to children.

man hugging a childEmotional Support

Changes in daily routine, connection to friends and family, and current events can cause stress for parents and children. Here are some resources to offer emotional support during a stressful time.

cart in a grocery store

If you’re struggling to keep enough food in the house here are some places you can go for help with groceries or meals.

woman on the phone and using laptopNeighborhood Resources
Many of our Neighborhood Collaborative partners have services and resources in your community. Programs may change based on availability of resources and staff. Please check back often for updates.

man helping child on a laptop

Trying to help the kids learn from home isn’t easy. Here are some resources to help kids keep up on their schoolwork or even get ahead while they’re home.

woman playing with child
Online Activities

Have fun and stay active with online exercise programs, arts and crafts projects, virtual museum tours and more fun activities.

man with child holding a football
Outdoor/Indoor Fitness Activities

A little fresh air can do wonders! Here are some outdoor activities you and the kids can do while maintaining social distance.

gerbil using a laptopTechnology
If you or someone you know has limited access to the internet or technology there is help available. Here is a list of free or low-cost technology tools to help you stay connected.